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S/U Agung@ Naib Ulama Besar al-Azhar....Naib Sheikh al-Azhar as-Syarif.....

The Epistemology of Excellence: a Journey into the Life and Thoughts of the Grand Mufti of Egypt

Publisher: Switzerland: Innovatio Publishing Ltd. 2012

By Dr. Ibrahim Negm

This book has provided a broad overview of what constitutes arguably the most important facets of a highly prominent contemporary Muslim scholar, the Grand Mufti of Egypt Sheikh Ali Gomaa. Dr. Ali Gomaa is widely respected as one of the world’s most influential Muslim scholars. His authority extends far beyond Egypt, where he acts as the official interpreter of Islam, making the sacred law relevant to the contingencies of contemporary daily life. Sheikh Ali Gomaa belongs to an elite group of Islamic academics whose works shape Muslim lives across the Islamic World. Unlike most of his peers, however, Sheikh Ali Gomaa also commands respect amongst intellectuals, policy-makers and religious leaders outside the lands of Islam – in particular in Europe and the United States. Some of the reasons underlying Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s exceptional reach are discussed in this book. Despite his local and international stature, Sheikh Ali Gomaa had nevertheless not received the attention his contribution to Islamic thought and practice deserves in European languages. This book thus provides a much needed corrective to this neglect in the English-language scholarship.

Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s unusual eclecticism marks him off as an exceptional figure in the contemporary world, able to speak to multiple audiences and to respond to their specific demands and expectations. His followers and admirers accordingly include individuals from various walks of life and from different corners of the world. In this book we have treated the various dimensions of Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s life and thought in relative isolation. It is clear, however, that the different facets of the Grand Mufti – the author, the jurist, the mufti, the public intellectual, the civic promoter, the interfaith partner, the moral guide – are harmoniously combined in the personality of Sheikh Ali. The Sheikh is in this regard an apt exemplar of Egypt’s long-standing tradition of excellence in Islamic Studies. In his mastery of Islamic and secular sciences, Sheikh Ali Gomaa embodies the best of the time-honored tradition of Al-Azhar’s scholarship and learning – a tradition that Sheikh Ali has done much to keep alive and to revive in the 21st century. 

It is our hope that this book may serve to advance the understanding of the Grand Mufti’s life and thought. In doing so, we also hope to stimulate others to continue exploring the many perspectives Sheikh Ali Gomaa has opened up for his contemporaries, in the field of Islamic Studies (Islamic Law, Sufism, Prophetic biography, Qur’anic Studies) as well as in an impressive range of global issues - from the protection of the environment to the fight against poverty to the war on terrorism. 
At 60, Shaykh Ali Gomaa possesses all the commitment, experience and talent necessary to continue to struggle for achieving peace and social justice in light of the Divine - in Egypt, the Muslim ummah, and the world at large.

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pencalonan bagi S/U Agung@ Naib Ulama Besar al-Azhar....Naib Sheikh al-Azhar as-Syarif.....

"الطيب" يلتقى "جمعة" واتجاه لتوليه منصب نائب "كبار العلماء"

الثلاثاء، 5 مارس 2013 - 21:37

الإمام الأكبر الدكتور أحمد الطيب شيخ الأزهر
كتب لؤى على

التقى الإمام الأكبر الدكتور أحمد الطيب شيخ الأزهر، اليوم الثلاثاء، الدكتور على جمعة، مفتى الجمهورية السابق، عضو هيئة كبار العلماء، حيث شهد اللقاء ثناء من الإمام الأكبر على جهود الدكتور على جمعة، فى جعل دار الإفتاء المصرية مؤسسة عالمية لخدمة الإسلام والمسلمين.

وعلم "اليوم السابع" أن هناك اتجاها داخل مؤسسة الأزهر الشريف ومطالب من هيئة كبار العلماء بالاستفادة من خبرات وجهود مفتى الجمهورية السابق على جمعة، فى إسناد منصب الأمين العام لهيئة كبار العلماء، ونائب الإمام الأكبر فى الهيئة.

وهو ما يدرس بجدية الآن وبحث تعديل اللائحة الداخلية للهيئة، حيث تقتضى بأن يكون الأمين العام من خارج الهيئة وليس عضوا بها، وهو ما قد يعدل لكى تستند تلك المهمة الكبيرة للدكتور على جمعة وهو ما سيغير مفهموم الأمانة العامة للهيئة بتوله ذلك المنصب.

كما علم "اليوم السابع" أن هناك مقترحا أن يتم تخصيص جزءا من مبنى دار الإفتاء الجديد والذى أوشكت أعمال بنائه على الانتهاء، والذى يقع داخل حرم مشيخة الأزهر ليكون مقرا لأمانة هيئة كبار العلماء وهو ما سيتم مناقشته فى اجتماع الهيئة القادم.