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The Putrajaya International Islamic Arts and Cultural Festival (PIIACuF)

The Putrajaya International Islamic Arts and Cultural Festival (PIIACuF) 2013

The Putrajaya International Islamic Arts and Cultural Festival (PIIACuF) is the first event of its kind to be organized in Malaysia. It aims at pioneering the values of Islam through the perspective of a moderate society in which arts and culture take center stage in delivering the messages of Islam to the world.

Islam, as a way of life, had its fair share in shaping the world through the ages. From the best of philosophers, thinkers, artists and leaders, PIIACuF will exhibit some of the finest works of Islam through the organizing of exhibition, seminars, symposiums, music and the arts.

Themed “From Andalusia to Putrajaya”, PIIACuF 2013 hopes to celebrate the Golden Ages of Islam in Andalucia, Spain and take its visitors through a journey of enlightenment. The appreciation towards past achievements and success of the Muslim world then will surely open a new world of thoughts for the future of Islam and Muslims in a modern world.

Organized by Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj), the administrator of Malaysia’s Government Administrative Centre, the PIIACuF will also showcase the beauty and splendor of Putrajaya with magnificent architectures, buildings and places of interest for visitors to experience. This will also be prelude to the much anticipated Visit Malaysia Year 2014.

The event promises the best of Islamic Arts & Culture under one roof and surely will be an event not to be missed. Join us for this wonderful journey of appreciation at Putrajaya International Islamic Arts & Cultural Festival 2013.
A leading Islamic Arts and Cultural event in Malaysia and with only handful of other events from around the world with similar magnitude.

PIIACuF 2013 expects to receive visitors and participation of 10 Islamic

Focused event that interests targeted visitors from the arts and culture, academia,
professionals, business services and foreign mission communities.

Platform for promoting values and moderation on Islam.

Provides opportunities to explore new partnership, establish contacts and develop strategic

Gateway to explore the Islamic market through the participation of foreign Islamic countries.

Leverage on new understanding of Islam and moderation through the various seminars,
symposiums and talks on a range of topics and discourse by renown speakers and